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At Liquid Leads, we are able to tap into the exclusive pipeline of the freshest investor leads because we keep ourselves informed. We believe it is important for all financial professionals and also our client to keep themselves informed and educated on the latest developments on private placements, oil and gas investment opportunites, and accreditted investors. Keeping youself up to date will empower you to take steps in the right direction for your business. 

Here are some useful resources that can get you started: is the one stop shop for institutional investors, financial advisors, investment consultants, RIAs, and many more to get the latest assest management news. It has become the leading news service for many in the high-net-worth industry and is updated each and every morning. Unlike many other sites, they are able to alliviate information overload by providing their own recipe of original articles and summaries of the most relavant news in the industry. They are also armed with features such as video, polls, webinars, and even Q&A. over two decades, financial advisors and top brokerage firms have been using On Wall Street to keep themselves up to date on the latest breaking news and analysis covering a wide array of topics including high net worth, recruiting, movement of executives and top brokers between firms, new product offerings, and the latest changes in broker compensation. In addition to having a plethora of useful content, they also produce their own podcasts and conferences that helps guide brokers to maximize their returns and increase business. they are less than a year old, Municipal Bonds has already become the premier site for municipal bond investors that makes bond investing as simple as it can be. They provide online users with real time and archived trading data so that they can make educated decisions on their investments. In less than a year, they have already shot to the top of any search engine result relating to municpal bonds including Google. Most of their site is free and their goal is to empower investors through trading data, education, price transprancy, and research. earlier this year, Mint is an application that pulls all of your accounts into a single place. It gives the user total visability of their expenses so that they are able to make an effective budget that will help them reach their ultimate goal. In under a year, Mint has already obtained over 10 million users and have even created a mobile appp so that users can keep track of all of their accounts and finances on the go. the internet offers a wide range of opportunity for any business willing to expand to the web. However, with so many sites online it can take a while to establish a sizable clientele base. Fortunately, MegaLeads has been helping businesses reach out to their target markets since the early 1990s, and over the course of doing so they’ve developed new applications and techniques to make the process fast and efficient. MegaLeads offers a subscription of unlimited access to the world’s largest online database of business contacts at a convenient price.

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